Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do I get to wear a costume?

I loved Halloween as a kid.  You get to dress up in a costume and people give you candy.  I love candy!  The best houses were one's that gave out full size candy bars or cans of pop.  You people rock.  I would totally be that person if I weren't as greedy as I am. 

As I outgrew trick or treating, I lost some of my enthusiasm for Halloween.  Well guess what.......It's back!  With a vengeance!

In the last few years I have done a few races around Halloween, which means I got to wear a costume to the race.  Like most of my craft projects, it starts out fairly simple and get waaaayyyyy more complicated as I think about it.  Clearly my ideas are cooler than where I got the inspiration from!  I've been a jack-o-lantern, Tinkerbell, and the Little Mermaid.  Each one more complicated than the last.  They have all required sewing, which I am usually able to convince someone else that they should do from me because my sewing skills leave something to be desired and I'm whiny.  (The incredibly annoying and grating whiny voice usually seals the deal.)

I am doing three races in the next month and a half, and I'm wearing a costume for TWO of them.  And it will be awesome!  The Tower of Terror 10 Mile gets a simple runnable tank with a cool design on the front.  No sewing required - just some skill with an Exacto knife and an iron.  It's easy to run in, and should look freaking cool at night.  If I don't get compliments for it, I will be pretty freaking disappointed!

The other costumed race is the Monster Dash 5k.  Since it's shorter, my tolerance for weird or bulky costumes is way higher.  Right now the plan is to be a clown car.  You read that right.  Me as a clown.  Wearing a car full of more clowns.  If I can pull off the picture in my head, I might actually have a chance at winning a costume award.  I just want the bragging rights of winning something, because I definitely won't be coming in first for the actual race.  I see cardboard, duct tape, and spray paint in my future!

I want to say a special thanks to the engineer portion of my imagineering - my mom.  Thanks mom, even if you won't let me do anything with sequin fabrics.  Love you!

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